Why Won’t Mad Men Eat at ‘21’?

Photo: Courtesy of ‘21’ Club

Part of the fun of watching Mad Men is all the bar and restaurant name checking. The show has mentioned or set scenes in Lutece, P.J. Clarke’s, the Stork Club, and many others. But Off the Presses rightly wonders: Where’s ‘21’? The restaurant’s absence stings diligent publicist Diana Biederman, who’s been lobbying for love from Matthew Weiner. But with Mad Men, you have to be careful what you wish for (See Deere, John). “There was a scene in the final episode — where Betty beds down in the ladies room of a bar with a stranger — that the publicist feels may have once possibly been intended as for ‘21,’” writes Robert Simonson. “But, Betty sits at a stool, and Biederman had told the show that ‘21’ did not have stools in the 1960s.”

Why Hasn’t “Mad Men” Exploited “21”? [Off the Presses]