Who Should Top Chef’s Kevin Gillespie Be for Halloween?

Clockwise from top left: Kevin, Ghost of Christmas Present, the Gnome, Kris Kringle, Snarf, Yukon Cornelius.

Yesterdays Top Chef recap sparked a commenter debate as to who everyones favorite red-whiskered whisker, Kevin, most resembles. First time we saw him we thought of a bearded Conan OBrien after eating, say, 130 hot wings, but boy did that get one-upped: Is he the Travelocity gnome? Yukon Cornelius of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Snarf from Thundercats? A ginger Santa (say, Kris Kringle from Santa Claus Is Coming to Town)? To further confuse things, Entertainment Weeklys PopWatch blog has noticed that hes also a dead ringer for the Ghost of Christmas Present from A Muppet's Christmas Carol. Weve arranged them above for your consideration whats the verdict?