What Will Padma’s Mystery Child Look Like?

Left, Padma and Teddy; right, Padma and Toby.

A commenter wondered whether Padma Lakshmi is carrying Toby Young’s baby, and while that’s near impossible because (a) he’s married, and (b) come on, it’s Toby Young, we wondered what such a child would like. So we plugged both of their pictures into some random morphing thing we found on the interwebs and here, at right, is what we got. Hmmm. Meanwhile, at left is what a child birthed with her old arm candy Teddy Forstmann would look like. And what the heck, let’s just find out what her kids with Tom Tom (left, below) and her season-five crush, Fabio Viviani (right, below), would look like … By the way, as freaky as these photos are, they’re not quite as wild as the one Padma just posted on her Twitter — Padma + Ugly Betty??