Top Chef’s Ashley Merriman Teams With Chopped’s Alex Guarnaschelli

Courtesy of Bravo and Food Network

In her exit interview on the Feedbag, Top Chefs latest victim, Ashley Merriman says what we already know about this season answers the question: Is it fair to have pros on the level of the Voltaggio brothers competing against people like Ash and Robin? I mean, I eat at Trestle on Tenth, the restaurant where Ash works, and its wonderful, but its very simple food in a small room, and hes not even the chef. (She says, Every chef there brings something to the table, whether or not your restaurant grosses 3 or 4 million a year.) She also says shes doing a project with a really good, really well-known chef, and over on Endless Simmer, she reveals its Alex Guarnaschelli. When we last spoke to reps about Richie Akivas and Scott Sartianos supper club in the Plumm space, they werent sure Guarnaschelli would be involved well see how this pans out.