Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli Leaving Craigie On Main


Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli will depart Craigie On Main after December 31. In a statement from the restaurant, Schlesinger-Guidelli explains that “Having accomplished what we initially set out to create, a compelling bar program at Craigie On Main, I am ready to move on.”

Chef and owner Tony Maws also indicates that there are no hard feelings: “When I first sat down with Tom over 18 months ago and shared my vision for what the bar at Craigie could be, we hoped we could hit the mark by our first anniversary. We have done this and more, and that is a great reflection on Tom. We always envisioned that once this initial goal was attained that Tom would be off to his next adventure, and we would wish him well. He has a tremendous career in front of him.” Maws says the current cocktail program will stay in place after Schlesinger-Guidelli’s departure, but if you’re looking to see the man himself, make a visit before the year is up. No word on Schlesinger-Guidelli’s next move as of yet, but we’re hopeful for a bar of his own.