Today in Cutesy Concepts: Frites and Meats, Plus 3rd Ward’s Mystery Trailer

Photo: Free Williamsburg

A couple of quirky street-food projects to report: Fork in the Road notices that a mysterious Frites and Meats truck, apparently selling do-gooder burgers, will hit the street on October 15, per its Twitter page. And Free Williamsburg reports that artist community center 3rd Ward, which had been planning to launch a culinary-education program, is readying an “old silver trailer” so it can serve “gourmet American” fare next to a “gorgeous yard.” The location remains a mystery, but Free Williamsburg speculates that it will be at the site of the “long-abandoned prostitute/ice cream trailer” (hmmm, anybody know that story?) that’s across from our favorite old-man Italian bar on Metropolitan, Jr & Son.