Tavern on the Green Isn’t Going Quietly

Photo: Courtesy of Tavern on the Green

Dean Polls headaches are only getting bigger, according to a Diners Journal piece. Tavern on the Green's current owner, Jennifer Oz LeRoy, apparently of the opinion that theres no place like home, wants a bankruptcy court to let her stay in the space for as long as three months past her December 31 move-out date so that she can conduct an on-site auction of Taverns $8.171 million in assets, including artwork and chandeliers. Otherwise, she says, she might have to lay off her 400 employees and close during the lucrative holiday season so that Taverns fixtures can be moved to a remote auction site. LeRoy argues that this would hurt her chances of repaying the creditors named in Taverns bankruptcy case, and the union is siding with her. On the other hand, new leaseholder Dean Poll says that if he cant take over operations on January 1 as planned, he may have to shut down the restaurant for two years while he conducts renovations that were previously meant to occur while the restaurant was open, something that might also jeopardize the workers jobs. Meanwhile, tourists eagerly wait to find out who will be serving them their crab cakes.

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