So This Is What It’s Come To: A Twilight Restaurant

Don't these two look like they want a steak?
Don’t these two look like they want a steak?

Volterra, a Twilight-themed restaurant will open next year in Forks, Washington, the town where the novels are set. About three things we are absolutely positive. First, this is hilarious. Second, there is a part of this restaurant — and we don’t know how potent that part might be — that offers steak and seafood. And third, it will be flooded by wannabe Bellas and Edwards. Volterra’s owners already operate Dazzled by Twilight, which is, according to the store’s website, “well known as the largest Twilight retail store in Forks and possibly the world”, as well as the Twilight Lounge, a special events space featuring the Twilight-themed Mitch Hansen Band.

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