Slideshow: What You Missed At Anisette’s Basque Week

Basque Week at Anisette

Chef Alain Giraud’s Anisette in Santa Monica went Basque last week, adding a small menu of dishes from the region that bridges Southwestern France and Northeast Central Spain. While Anisette stopped serving Basque cuisine on Sunday, they will be choosing specific regions in France every four months or so to run a special menu of that culinary style through the week. Brittany might be next, it was suggested. In the meantime, Anisette let us snap a few photos of Giraud and chef de cuisine Joshua Smith’s Basque dishes that veered beautifully off the seasonal brasserie and raw bar menus served everyday. The restaurant takes great pride in the plates they prepared, plus the rare varietals of wine (like Madiran Tanant 2005) that accompanied it. Check out our slide show for a look at what happened when Anisette went Basque for a week.