Ruth Reichl Skips Gourmet Party; Rocco’s Musical Ambitions


• Ruth Reichl didn’t show up at a party in honor of Gourmet on Sunday. [NYDN]

• Rocco DiSpirito once auditioned for the role of Billy Flynn in Chicago. [Courant via Eater National]

• Macaroni and cheese is the new hipster food. [WSJ]

• Investors are interested in reopening Café des Artistes, but the decision could come down to the cooperation of the employees’ union. [Crain’s]

• The Daily News has launched three new food blogs: Mothership Meals, about cooking for children, the Wine Explorer, and Full Plate, “a ‘Carrie Bradshaw-cum-June Cleaver’ style diary with a nod to Bridget Jones.” [NYDN]

• A Staten Island man was recently arrested for using a stolen credit card to buy a $1.63 hot dog. [NYP]

• The bartenders at Summit Bar are rather chatty. [NYT]

• French farmers recently protested rising grain prices by setting bales of hay on fire on the Champs-Élysées. [WSJ]