Rush Hour Swallowed Up in the Maw of Michael Huynh


The Doghouse isn’t the only new development on the Lower East Side. Rush Hour, the burger joint that has long been the place to get a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am feta-and-olive tapenade burger at 4 a.m. (and one of the city’s few late-night delivery spots) has closed. According to a worker on the scene of the gutted hole in the wall, it’ll reopen under a new name, with new owners, as “the same thing but better.” And according to a Google search, that new owner is none other than Michael Huynh, the man behind Baoguette and the nearby Bia Garden. The guy is unstoppable! The joint will churn out Asian-style burgers, and might be called “Baoger.” Which sounds a little too much like “booger,” which totally reminds us of Barth’s Burgers on You Can’t Do That on Television, which is not what you want.