Reichl Says Foodies Aren’t Dead; Food Network Spawns Another Channel

Photo: EMD

Ruth Reichl tells Crain’s that foodie culture is alive and well (Gourmet’s closure, she says, had more to do with ad revenue than with subscriptions, which were on the rise), and a Wall Street Journal item would seem to support that. The Journal reports that the Food Network’s parent company, Scripps, has announced it will replace the Fine Living channel with a home-cooking–focused channel next year. Gourmet victims, it’s time to prep those résumés. It remains to be seen what direction the Cooking Channel will take: Will it delve into the sort of recipes that prolific cookbook author and Julia Child contemporary Charlotte S. Turgeon popularized (the Times reports that Turgeon died last month at the age of 97), or will it traffic in stuff such as Alton Brown making a smoothie using a water cooler and fire extinguisher?