Radius Restaurant Group Is Dunzo

Radius' burger
Radius’ burger Photo: Radius

Grub Street has confirmed that Christopher Myers, Michael Schlow, and Esti Parsons, the team behind Radius and Via Matta, has broken up. The split took place about three weeks ago and was amicable on all ends, says Tonie Snyder, publicist for Good Essen, Schlow’s group, which now owns Via Matta and Radius in addition to Alta Strada.

Parsons had announced last fall that she’d be leaving the group in 2009 to open her own restaurant in Hingham, so her departure had been anticipated for some time. For his part, Myers wished to focus on flour bakery + cafe and Myers + Chang, his ventures with wife Joanne Chang. Neither Myers nor Parsons could be reached for comment on this story.