Pumpkin Patch: Concretes, Blizzards, Custard, Gelato, and Fro-Yo

Photo: Courtesy of Red Mango

Having recently visited the great states of Missouri and Kansas, we can still taste the pumpkin-pecan concrete at Culver’s — if you don’t know, it’s basically the midwest’s Shake Shack (or rather, the Shake Shack is the northeast’s Culver’s). So what are our hometown options? Blondie and Brownie point to the pumpkin-pie blizzard at Dairy Queen (nearest location: Jersey City), and of course there’s the pumpkin-spice custard every Saturday of this month at Shake Shack. Obviously, there are only a few Saturdays left so you might want to consider this: Screme is offering pumpkin gelato this month and yesterday, Red Mango switched out its green-tea flavor for pumpkin spice — it’s available till December 31 and comes topped with free graham-cracker crumbs. Pump, pump, pumpkin it up! (Oh, and speaking of soft serve, Momofuku Milk Bar starts serving its new flavors, including Stuffing, at 2 p.m. today.)