Pizza Pizza: Artichoke and Grimaldi’s Founders Eye New Locations

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Sal Basille and Francis Garcia. Photo: Zach Desart for New York Magazine

A couple of developments in the world of pizza today. First, Eater reports that Artichoke has acquired the space at 17th Street and Tenth Avenue that housed Red Rocks West. But dont get too excited just yet. Jim Trevor, a counter person at Artichoke, tells us bosses Basille and Garcia are considering a couple of spaces, and though 457 West 17th Street is on their radar, its hard to say whether a deal will be finalized there. As for the concept, Eaters source says it will be a restaurant serving pizza as well as items such as meatballs and cauliflower fritters, but Trevor tells us there are a couple of ideas in play. Meanwhile, Led Zeppole will open in the next couple of weeks, though theyve been saying that for a while now.

Also in pizza, Pat and Carol Grimaldi, the original owners of DUMBO destination Grimaldis, are looking for a space for a pizzeria to be named after Pats mother, Juliana. The business plan goes like this: Using only the finest ingredients, an artisan-built coal brick oven, and a lifelong passion for excellence, Juliana's will re-define once and for all the notion of truly authentic New Yorkstyle pizza.