Petrossian Sweetens Open House with Free Chocolate and Champagne

Photo: iStock Photo

We hate it when we hear holiday shopping’s greedy lil’ cloud start raining down upon us, but will make a quick exception the second we catch the words “caviar, champagne, and smoked salmon.” Yup, Petrossian Boutique & Restaurant is flinging its doors open wide to the public on November 8th to offer what they call a “pre-holiday tasting.”They could call it whatever they want, it sounds like a great deal. From 12:00-5:00 p.m. that Sunday, the recent Robertson import will have staff on hand for the soft-sell, guiding guests through their legendary line of luxury fish eggs, cooking ingredients, foie gras, and chocolate truffles. These guys are new in town and apparently have never seen the vultures that offers of “free food” can generate, as they generously are giving free bubbly, appetizers, and chocolates to whatever whomever shows up. Let’s just hope Christian Slater sticks to his share. 321 North Robertson Blvd.; (310) 271-0576.