Peter Davis and Ana Sortun Remember Gourmet


The eulogies for seminal food magazine Gourmet started flooding in shortly after the magazine’s imminent death was announced this morning and Boston chefs aren’t immune to the sorrow. Henrietta’s Table chef and Gourmet mainstay Peter Davis tells Grub Street that “I’ll miss waiting for the monthly issue to show up so I can breeze through it and see if anything catches my eye. I’ve always used it to look for ideas and see what people are doing outside our area. It kept professionals and non-professionals alike abreast of issues with food, how people are eating and what the trends are. It was a well-done magazine.”

Oleana’s Ana Sortun is similarly unhappy about Gourmet’s untimely demise, telling us that “I really loved the spin Ruth [Reichl] took lately. It was less glossy and more real and grassroots. I loved it. I still love it. I think they kept steering us in the right direction food-wise.They never really went junky. There was nothing to sort through — it was all real.”

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