Local Beer Sommeliers Debut The Naked Pint


Readers who’ve been missing Christina Perozzi’s Beer for Chicks blog posts can soon see where she’s been spending her scribbling time, as she gets set to release The Naked Pint with co-author Hallie Beaune. Perozzi, who has acted as a valued beer consultant for Father’s Office (where Beaune taught beer school), Rustic Canyon (where she currently works), and Essex among many others, was recently named “Best Beer Sommelier” in Los Angeles’ Best Of Issue. In Naked Pint, she and Beaune elaborate on how craft and artisinal beers are created, as well as how to pair beer with fine food, distinguish flavors, and develop one’s palate. Consider it a craft brew bible from two ladies who know their suds and seek to bring the rest of us up to speed on its often overlooked complexity and refinement. Naked Pint will be released on November 3rd but is currently available on pre-sale at Amazon.