Cutlets Defends Bill’s Burger; AHT Goes Gaga for Bulgogi Burger

Song 7.2's burger Photo: AHT

As expected, Josh Ozersky has shot back at Alan Richman, who criticized his adoration of the Bills burger yesterday: Ive eaten [Richmans] best hamburger in America, the gross meatball served at a Hollywood, FL dive named Le Tub, and if thats a great burger, then call me deluded. Zing! Now that thats behind us, lets move on to some hamburger positivity, shall we?

A Hamburger Today has finally gotten around to trying the bulgogi burger at Song 7.2 that we sniffed out last month, and though the price has gone up by $2, AHT doesnt seem to mind: It's one of the tastiest takes on a burger I've had and a great deal for only $7. Got anything to say about that, Richman?