Update! New York Taste Tickets Now Easier to Win


Grub Street readers, we have heard your silence! Earlier this week, we asked for ideas for a bite that you would serve at New York Taste, our fantastic event on Monday night. The response has not, shall we say, been as bountiful as with previous contests. (And we thought we were the only one whose cooking capabilities stopped at reheating.) But these VIP tickets are still here and must be given away! So we’ll go the traditional route: Whose food are you most excited to sample at New York Taste, and why? The most convincing case gets a pair of tickets, valued at $500. We’ll even extend the deadline: E-mail your entry by noon tomorrow, October 30. We’ll announce the winner by the end of the day. Read the complete rules for small-print details.

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UPDATE! Thank you, readers, for alerting us to a giant glitch in our e-mail system! What we thought was silence was actually technological difficulty. To make up for it, we’re now giving away two pairs! of VIP tickets. One to the best bite submission and another to a reader I.D.’ing the chef they’re most excited to try. Grub Street apologizes for doubting you. Winners announced tomorrow.