Neal Fraser Won’t Let Los Angeles Be Dining’s ‘Stepchild’

Fraser's Colorado Lamb
Fraser’s Colorado Lamb Photo: Sauce Supreme via Flickr

Chef Neal Fraser is one dedicated dude. He tells LAist that he spends all of his time these days at Grace, saying “I’ll always be in one of them…My goal is not to drive my Porsche around from restaurant to restaurant.” Fraser has us pumped that he and wife Amy are moving Grace Downtown to St. Vibiana Cathedral’s rectory where he “will grow somewhere around 1/3 of the produce…on the property,” which will include a rooftop garden and a giant planting bed at the location’s south end. An L.A. native, Fraser sounds frustrated with our place in the national food scene, but refuses to take it sitting down. “We will always be a stepchild to a certain point. To me it’s a personal vendetta…it’s always about bringing it to a level where it’s considered a great restaurant city.”

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