Michael Mina Loses a Michelin Star Back Home

XIV Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Michael Mina expanded to Los Angeles a year ago with his restaurant XIV on Sunset Blvd., quickly assigning chef Steven Fretz to kitchen duties. Unfortunately, this sort of extensive branching out has cost him dearly back home in San Francisco. Grub Street S.F. let us know that Mina has just lost one of the two Michelin stars gracing his signature, self-titled restaurant, moving from two stars to just one. Rapid growth, like Mina’s move to L.A. with XIV, might be one cause to blame, suggests Michelin director Jean-Luc Naret, who spoke with GS. “Michael Mina lost his focus on this particular restaurant… I think his presence would be more necessary to keep the consistency.” Although XIV is yet to receive or lose any stars of its own, the same could be said for its location, which seems to find Mina mentioned in the menu more than it sees him behind the stoves.

Lack of Consistency Cost Mina His Star [Grub Street San Francisco]