Master Brisket 101 on Santa Monica Blvd.


There’s something new to pick up at Santa Monica Blvd. and LaBrea, and it has nothing to do with a transgender hooker getting into your car. Zeke’s Smokehouse is offering “Doghouse Diplomas” as part of the BBQ University they’re founding. The two-and-a-half hour sessions will be based on preparing specialties for the holidays (like smoking a turkey), with the first class a non-denominational Texas brisket workshop nicely suited to Hanukkah.

Zeke’s chief ‘cue hound Michael Rosen, formerly of Maple Drive, Shatzi, and Reign, has dominated competitions with his brisket recipe and chef Leonard Schwartz of L’Orangerie, Maple Drive, and La Serre was once called the “Mozart of meat loaf” by Gourmet. We met Rosen, who will be teaching the class, at a press event for the restaurant and though the guy’s obsessed with Southern barbecue, he’s actually a son of South Philly. AHamburgerToday just had their burger too, and seemed to dig it. The $75 classes will include training, as well as a rub, sauce, and hickory chips to take home. Oh and the diploma, which will look good above the one for TV/VCR Repair from DeVry. Class begins December 12th; (323) 850-9353.