Mario Batali’s Punderful Halloween; World Series Leaves Restaurants Empty


Mario Batali will be a "dictator" for Halloween this year, a costume he accomplishes by tying a Yukon Gold potato to his belt. [Cityfile]

The World Series means that people are staying home to watch, leaving restaurant attendance sparse. [NYP]

The owner of NYY Steak, the steakhouse in Yankee Stadium, was hoping for rain at last night's game, since it boosts his business. [Crain's]

The Dunkin' Donuts executive who left the company for Starbucks has settled a lawsuit from his former employers. [NYP]

Costco hopes to accept food stamps in stores nationwide by Thanksgiving. [City Room/NYT]

Three Harlem restaurants are now offering free transportation to and from their businesses. [NYP]

Minds and Machines has settled its $5 million lawsuit against Wolfgang Puck over the failed .food domain-name deal. [Domain Name Wire via Eat Me Daily]

Restaurants nationwide are hoping to boost traffic with Halloween specials. [NRN]