Let John McEnroe’s Kid Fix You a Drink

Photo: Getty Images

Last week, after a dinner at Broadway East to celebrate the first anniversary of BEast, none other than Bjrk bumped creative director Angelo Fabara off the decks in order to plug in her iPod. New York Diet alum Ajay Naidu was also there for dinner, but one celebrity wasnt actually sipping drinks he was serving them. Weve noticed that Kevin McEnroe, the 23-year-old son of tennis-legend John and actress Tatum ONeal, has been putting in shifts at the lounge, which puts him up there with rocker Mark Ibold and model Naima Mora (or her sister?) as far as bold-face drinkslingers go. He may just be working BEasts Halloween party (hosted by Judd Apatowproducer Shauna Robertson), so you might want to dress as Johnny Mac and if he tells you he doesnt know how to make your drink of choice, say, You cannot be serious.