Jaw-dropper: Big League Chew Spotted at Chichi Café

Photo: Jed Egan

Oh! We totally forgot to mention (because let’s face it, no one outside of 75 Varick Street really cares) that about a month ago, eet (essentially the in-house cafeteria of New York Magazine and Splashlight Studios) reopened after closing at the end of last year owing to what a manager says were financial issues. Eet is one of those achingly chic nouveau delis, decorated with mod furniture, where the bread is from Sullivan Street Bakery, the pastries are from Ceci-Cela, the milk is organic and hormone-free, and there’s a daily “market menu.”

Given all these wholesome aspirations, our jaw totally dropped when we saw Big League Chew at the counter. Big League Chew? So random, right? We’re told the item isn’t really a popular seller (after all, “man-sized wads of great-tasting shredded bubble gum” do kind of mess up your phone voice as well as stink up the office quite a bit), but this is such a delightfully unexpected nod to the days before there were 10,000 brands of gum on the market that we tip our cap to you, eet: “You’re in the big leagues … ”