Is the Shake Shack Why You’re Fat?

Behold: Fried White Castles Photo: Melissa Hom

Eat Me Daily pens a review of This is Why Youre Fat and calls it an extraordinary document of human culinary achievement. We wouldnt go that far, but maybe were just bummed that the book fails to acknowledge our own culinary achievement: the fried White Castle. On the other hand, after flipping through the irresistible slider of a book, we see some local favorites did get full-page spreads namely, the Ditch Dogs at Ditch Plains (two hot dogs topped with macaroni and cheese) and the Shake Shack Double Stack (the Shacks merging of a cheeseburger and shroom burger). Wait a minute the Double Stack? Thats not gross-out food, thats just lunch! We didnt know we were going to have to take this is why youre fat literally