Is the Boom Boom Room Now QT Owing to a Cease and Desist?

The "Black Bar."
The “Black Bar.” Photo: Eater

Steve Lewis is the latest to heap superlatives on the Standard’s Boom Boom Room, which he says is “the best room ever,” but the big news is that the Boom Boom won’t be called the Boom Boom Room anymore. It looks like it will now be called QT (just like Balazs’s old hotel in midtown). A source tells Lewis “we didn’t realize how many other Boom Boom Rooms were out there,” but what the source doesn’t comment on is a rumor we’ve heard that the Boom Boom Room got a cease and desist letter from a San Francisco music venue of the same name (reps for the Standard never got back to us about the rumor).

You may recall that the “Boom-Boom Room” was also the name given to the sleazy basement rec room of a Long Island brokerage office that became a symbol of rampant sexual harassment in the mid-eighties finance world and inspired the title of a tell-all, Tales From the Boom-Boom Room. But none of these places compare to Bum Bum Bar, the middle-aged–Latina lesbian bar in Jackson Heights. Oh! And in other Standard news, Eater has snuck photos of the much-anticipated eighteenth-floor “Black Bar” (don’t get too comfy with that name) as well as photos of its plunge pool. The place also has a vending machine that sells swimsuits and, yes, condoms.