Hollywood Renaissance Will Morph Into a Speakeasy For a Night

Photo: HickoryHollow113 via Flickr

Maybe to nip this Roaring 20’s trend in the stem before we sprout fedoras and flapper dresses, Drink.Eat.Play and KL Wines are coming together to transform the Hollywood Renaissance into a giant speakeasy on November 7th, with a few of everyone’s favorite watering holes on cocktail-duty, see? The first solid step we see “Speakeasy” taking is bringing the best of the booze world from The Edison and Varnish to craft the drinks they’ve set the city on fire with. There will be over 100 varieties of high-end gin, bourbon, and scotch, live jazz, and plenty of food too, though restaurants don’t seem to come into play as much as food companies and caterers do.

Three hours of drinks and nibbles are included in the $75 entrance fee, and it’s twice the price to be a VIP with your own rabble-free lounge and an extra hour tacked onto the front-end. The party emphasizes its attempts to transport us back to more “sophisticated” times, requesting that guests dress like they are adults and not the overgrown toddlers you’d typically see on a Saturday night in Hollywood. Perhaps they can put Wolfgang Puck on sweatpants-patrol at the door. Entry can be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets, and the event starts at 8:00 p.m. in The Hollywood Renaissance on November 7th.