Health-Care Reform Includes Menu Labeling; L.I. Hooters Get Sued


• The Nancy Pelosi–backed health-care bill introduced in Congress yesterday includes menu-labeling and calorie-count requirements for chain restaurants and vending machines. [NRN]

• Two Hooters waitresses are suing the restaurant’s Long Island franchisees for requiring servers to buy their own uniforms. [NYP]

• Sonic founder Troy Smith has passed away at 87. [WSJ]

• Europe’s eel population is dangerously low, causing many to be concerned that the slippery creatures could disappear from the continent’s cuisine. [WSJ]

• Recession consumers might be eating more meals at home, but they’re supping on steak as they do so. [Reuters]

• Nestle’s Juicy Juice is sponsoring a new Williamsburg playground. [Brooklyn Paper]