Gross-out on Wheels: Rats Hitch a Ride With Pizza Truck


You’ve heard of roach coaches, but check this out. Clearly hoping to stir up another Taco Bell debacle, the 4 NY News at eleven led off its broadcast last night with video of rats having their run of the Pizza Truck, a.k.a. the Vinny Vincenz truck. According to the story, which you can also read online, a tipster snagged the cell-phone footage while the truck was parked on West 27th Street. Owner Salvatore Olivella says the “rat pizza,” as one bystander called it, was just leftovers, but witnesses say $5 slices were served from the box after the rats snacked on them. Check out our video of the segment, but also consider the source. The NBC New York website recently ranted about food trucks — are they now out to kill the trend?