Be The First to Try The Grilled Cheese Truck

Photo: Inuyaki via Flickr Creative Commons

The Grilled Cheese Truck will debut this week at The Hollywood Farmer’s Kitchen for a fan appreciation party with limited space. Dave Danhi, brother to our Little Vietnam guide Robert Danhi, has updated Grilled Cheese Truck’s website with the news that his truck is currently in the process of being “tricked out” for dispersion of cheesy mac and rib melts, tomato soup, and caprese melts to the L.A. area. To reward the curious, Danhi announces “a one time preview of the melty goodness that we’ll be bringing to the streets in the very near future.” Daily Dish reports the event will be held Sunday, while RSVPing through the Hollywood Farmer’s Kitchen website is the only way to secure details and your own space on the guest list.