Greenpoint Braces for Slurpee Versus Slush Puppie Showdown

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Slush Puppie machines are about as rare in New York as, well, packs of Big League Chew (witness the Chowhound thread “Slush Puppie in New York— does it exist?”), but we’re happy to have stumbled upon a vintage machine at the Greenpoint Finest Deli at 699 Manhattan Avenue. Here’s the thing: It just so happens to be a few blocks away from the 7-Eleven that’s long been planned for 885 Manhattan (we’re told it opens in the next month or so). Which means, yes, a Slush Puppie versus Slurpee showdown — and the biggest Brooklyn ice battle since Uncle Louie G versus Ralph’s.

We have to side with the Puppie here. Not only is it the proverbial underdog (though it has come a long way since the days it was based in a Cincinnati, Ohio home: It was at one point held by Cadbury Schweppes and is now owned by the ICEE Company), but you just gotta love those chunky ice pellets. Though we’ll grant that the syrups are way too sweet for anyone above Little League age, and they often run out before the ice does, at which point you’re left with the dreaded “ghost” Puppie. Slurpee loyalists, feel free to state your case.