Marathon Carbo-loading Destination Is Shuttered for Passing Gas

Photo: Robert K. Chin

Good Enough to Eat, an Upper West Side carbo-loading destination for marathon runners, has been shut down at the worst possible time of year. Carrie Levin, owner of the 27-year-old traditional-American restaurant, tells us that while conducting a meter reading yesterday afternoon, Con-Ed detected gas leaks and closed down the entire building. The restaurant won’t be able to reopen until the Department of Buildings gives it the go-ahead, which Levin worries could take anywhere from two weeks to two months (she says she’s losing $30,000 in business during marathon weekend alone). “Con-Ed said that once they start testing things they’re going to have to go through the whole building, and with the way this building looks, they could find anything,” says Levin (the building dates back to the nineteenth century). She’s currently on the lookout for another space to move into, at least temporarily. Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that.