J. Gold Teaches East L.A. Burritos 101; Virbila Is Smitten by Stefan

Is this a burrito, Mr. Gold?
Is this a burrito, Mr. Gold? Photo: Rick via Flickr Creative Commons

“A burrito is the crackly skinned marvel at Lupe’s #2…the slender, home-style product of Tonia’s…the fat, oozing block desultorily assembled at the Pico Rivera Lupe’s,” says Jonathan Gold in classic form, talking East L.A. burritos and the meaning of the word. [L.A. Weekly]

“Richter comes out like a lamb,” at Stefan’s at L.A. Farm, writes S. Irene Virbila, who likes the straightforward cooking, though his rarer, more daring dishes thrill the most. [L.A. Times]

“Hearty jidori chicken—insanely good…downfall: salt content on par with Dinty Moore,” says L.A. Magazine on Hash at The Hotel Erwin.

With “131 dishes on the menu,” rarer items like mahi-mahi with garlic and ajwain are “a real treat,” writes Merrill Shindler on Torrance’s Red Fort Indian restaurant. [DailyBreeze]

“Dinner clearly isn’t the restaurant’s strong suit,” says L.A. Daily News on the new Encino locale of John O’Groats, a place we’ve only considered for breakfast. [L.A Daily News]