Food Bloggers Play Musical Chairs, Make Us Dizzy

Ben Leventhal.
Ben Leventhal. Photo: Melissa Hom

Gael Greene hears that departed Feedbag editor Josh Ozersky “will blog for, start a streaming-video network with Eater’s Ben Leventhal, and is in talks with Tim and Nina Zagat about finding a niche in their empire for his rants and crushes.” Given that Ozersky linked to the news on the moribund Feedbag, it’s quite possible he’s the one who leaked it to the Insatiable Critic in the first place. Full disclosure: Gael Greene was a restaurant critic at New York magazine while Josh Ozersky was the editor of New York’s Grub Street. Eater founder Ben Leventhal contributed to Grub Street for a short time but now he’s back to being an editor-at-large at Eater while also doing stuff for NBC Local Media, which has licensing agreements to pick up content from Eater and Grub Street. Ozersky, a onetime editor of Zagat’s Long Island dining guide once penned a post for Grub Street called “The Zagat Guide Sucks, Yes, But Here’s Why,” which makes the rumor about going to Zagat kind of strange. But then, no stranger than the possibility (not a very strong one, we hear) that he’ll partner with Leventhal. Then again, Always Eating recently spotted Ozersky dining with the Zagats at Bill’s Bar and Burger, a restaurant he has been accused of … okay, we’re going to stop before we get a headache. This, folks, is why some people call it the Interweb.