Familyman Mark Peel Prefers His Plates ‘Sexy’

Chef Peel
Chef Peel Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Chef, family man, Tar Pit/The Point /Campanile owner, and New Classic Family Dinners author Mark Peel prizes meals with his wife and two little ones. He tells San Gabriel Valley Tribune, “Eating family meals together is important to me,” shortly after divulging a mainstay in his kitchen arsenal, “anchovies are my secret ingredient,” the chef says. But when it comes to how he presents his plates, Peel goes from G-rated to R, or maybe just PG-13. “I want plates to look like an unmade bed …not a complete mess but a little dishelved and sexy - in disarray…and look like it fell from heaven that way.” Ooh la la, Mr. Peel! It appears the chef has a way with chicken and words.

Bringing Families to the Dinner Table [SGV Tribune]