Eric Greenspan Warns The Next Iron Chef’s Jehangir Mehta About Pushing Roberto Trevino

Eric Greenspan
Eric Greenspan Photo: The Foundry

Chef Eric Greenspan offers a peek behind the scenes of The Next Iron Chef, telling Squid Ink that Seamus Mullen “is clearly the chef to beat” and that Roberto Trevino “can be a dangerous man” when pushed, warning Jehangir Mehta to be careful baiting him. Though Greenspan was booted on episode one, he doesn’t seem bitter, insisting that Alton Brown is “a real hoot to be around,” and that he’d happily cook “anything on the menu” for Jeffrey Steingarten at The Foundry, as long as bugs weren’t involved. He’s also a Jose Garces fan, and would leap aboard one of his restaurants if he had to pull a partner from the competitors. However, inanimate objects do feel Eric’s wrath, as he argues “equipment failure keeps playing a part–from my blender burning out, Seamus not being able to use the fryer, and Jehangir and the ice cream machine.” At least there’s one thing the show’s dismissed chefs won’t be missing.

Eric Greenspan Dishes on The Next Iron Chef [Squid Ink]