Eat White Truffles Without the Guilt

Photo: Getty Images

One of the disadvantages of living through an economic downturn is that it seriously cuts into your tuber magnatum pico consumption. Even if you can still afford them, you can’t just go around wolfing down $85 plates of white-truffle-enhanced macaroni and cheese and $270 baked potatoes like some kind of pre-recession glutton. It lacks a certain tact. So what is one to do? Get out to Sapori d’Ischia, that’s what. The Woodside, Queens, restaurant hasn’t raised the price tag on its annual Tuesday-night truffle-dinner series since it began eight years ago, and this year is no exception. It’s three Alba-truffle-strewn courses plus dessert for $50, through December 1. You can even wash it all down with a good, discounted Piedmontese wine.