Doghouse Operator Assures Us Beer Pong on the LES Is Okay


Yesterday we brought news that a bar offering beer pong, flat-screen TVs, and oversize Sex on the Beaches had hit the Lower East Side, a development as earth-shattering as when Bounce Deuce came to the East Village. The question remained: Who’s behind this monster? Now Joseph “Jay” Crotty, a 24-year-old investment banker who got a job at Meryll Lynch after graduating from Fordham, and now works with another firm, tells us he’ll run the bar with his father Joseph, a veteran Westchester bar operator.

Asked whether he thinks this puppy is really what the neighborhood needs, Crotty told us, “Obviously when you think of the LES and heading down to the Village you have a certain idea and a sports bar wouldn’t be one of them, but over the past year, with clubs like Libation and bars like Three Monkeys coming in, we think the neighborhood will ultimately be accepting of us.” But will the SLA be accepting of their beer pong? “You always have to respect their wishes and be 100 percent accommodating to what they think is best,” says Crotty. But it sounds like they’re going to give it a try: “Beer pong is incredibly popular — people from all different age groups love playing it. It gives you time to hang with your friends, have some conversation, some competition, and enjoy yourself.” As for the downstairs “private bar,” the Cloak, it will have a separate street entry for everyone who doesn’t want to be bothered with the riff-raff (ruff-ruff?) at the Doghouse.

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