City Wants to Keep $19 Million Tavern on the Green Name

Photo: Courtesy of Tavern on the Green

According to Diner’s Journal, a judge has ruled that Tavern on the Green can have two weeks to a month to auction off its assets after it closes at midnight, December 31. New operator Dean Poll had threatened to close the restaurant for two years of renovations if Jennifer LeRoy got the three months she originally wanted, but Poll’s lawyer seems happy with this compromise. Meanwhile, there’s another battle brewing — though the LeRoy family trademarked the name Tavern on the Green and it’s said to be worth $19 million to them, the city plans to argue that they should get to keep it, since it has been called that since 1934, before the LeRoys leased the restaurant.

A Reprieve for Tavern on the Green [Diner’s Journal/NYT]