Chefs Tour Arenas; Red Hook Ball Fields Vendors Pack Up


• Live arena tours are becoming big business for celebrity chefs like Guy Fieri and Paula Deen. [WSJ]

• Dunkin’ Donuts is suggesting that its shops install surveillance systems to prevent employee theft, but some franchisees worry that it will be used to spy on them. [NYP]

• During a recent performance at Joe’s Pub, comedian Billy Eichner discussed a one-night stand with Frank Bruni in “graphic detail.” [Page Six/NYP]

• A former worker at Tina’s Restaurant in Bushwick says he was fired from his job after telling his boss he needed to go to the hospital. [NYDN]

• American Vintage Beverage has launched a new malt liquor aimed at women called Tribeca Light. [Tribeca Citizen]

• The Red Hook Ball Fields vendors will close for the season after Sunday, November 1. [Serious Eats New York]