Chang and Others Name the Decade’s Worst Food Trends

Photo: Courtesy of Chili’s

Figs on a plate aren’t the only things that get on David Chang’s nerves. When asked by the Chicago Tribune what the worst dining trends of the decade were, he says, “The Cheesecake Factory. The Kobe beef movement was stupid — it was never meant to be a burger! Sliders are stupid too. Sorry, I mean to say ‘a trio of sliders’ is stupid. What else? Walls of wine bottles as decoration. The steakhouse craze — why does there need to be more than a couple of steakhouses in any metropolitan area?” The Tribune interviewed other industry types, too, and came up with this top ten list of dopey trends: fried onion blossoms, the $40 entrée, the communal table, gross-out fast-food options like the KFC Double Down, knee-jerk online reviews, overwrought menus, media-whore chefs, and of course, those other old bugaboos: foam, molecular gastronomy, and deconstruction (which are really all part of the same beast). So, so many to add — where to even begin?

10 Worst Dining Trends of the Last Decade [Chicago Tribune]