First Look at Carnival, Now Serving Candied Apples and Two-Gallon Drinks

Photo: Melissa Hom

Weve already seen the menu at Carnival, Bowlmors new upstairs fun factory, but obviously, its the place itself were dying to get a look at. And so, we got over our fear of clowns just long enough to take some photos of all the candy eye candy and candied apples alike. Make sure to check out that $70, two-gallon Dunk Tank cocktail, loaded with gin, rum, and vodka (if we remember correctly does it really matter?). Theres no boardwalk to puke under, but rest assured, its a mercifully short walk back to the PATH train, and from there youre home in no time.

110 University Pl., nr. 13th St.; 212-255-8188