Butcher Block: Momofuku Meats at Home, Schatzie on the UWS

Bev Eggleston and friend
Bev Eggleston and friend Photo: Gourmet

Buried in a Blackbook interview with Back Forty chef Shanna Pacifico, about her new porchetta-making classes, is news that one of the country’s top star-mers, Bev Eggleston of EcoFriendly Foods (his farm, which recently got some play in Gourmet, supplies humanely raised meats to restaurants such as Craft, Gramercy Tavern, Il Buco, Blue Hill, and the Momofukus, to name just a few) may soon be hawking his hocks directly to the retail public at an unnamed Brooklyn butcher shop. Maybe Marlow & Daughters? Or one of these places? Either way, exciting news, since up until now the only way to buy directly from him was at farmers’ markets in Virginia. Let’s just hope Eggleston doesn’t end up getting thrown in the cooler again during one of his delivery runs.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world of butchery, Upper West Side institution Schatzie the Butcher tells us that he’s still waiting on permits for his new Upper East Side shop, but that in about a month he plans to be selling prime meats (acquired from a wholesale market), dairy products, eggs, bread, barbecue sauce, pickles, Kosher foods, and other cooked foods (presumably the roast-beef sandwich that Serious Eats loves). If you’re not familiar with Schatzie and his penchant for sweet-talking the ladies and singing Sinatra, treat yourself to a quick primer, via his YouTube videos, over at AlwaysHungry.