Boston’s Best Barbecue Is at…East Coast Grill?


East Coast Grill is named as the best barbecue in Boston in Zagat’s new America’s Top Restaurants survey. Now, East Coast Grill is the best in Boston for a lot of things: we’d wager nothing beats it for spicy foods, margaritas, or maybe even a raw bar. But barbecue? We guess M&M; Ribs doesn’t have a Zagat listing!

Zagat’s other Boston picks were snoozers: Galleria Umberto for pizza, Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage for burgers, Framingham’s Sichuan Gourmet for Chinese, The Similans and Brown Sugar Cafe for Thai, and O Ya for Japanese.

What do you think? Did Zagat get it right?

Hard Times for Restaurants Good Times for Diners [Reuters]