Bored to Death Roasts New Brooklyn Cuisine


A key scene in the latest episode of HBO’s Bored to Death gave New Brooklyn Cuisine some play via a tasting at a “new, hip” Greenpoint restaurant that (per Ted Danson’s character) specialized in “all organic game — rabbits that have been shot naturally in the woods, that sort of thing.” (Hilarious — though the satire would’ve been all the more au courant if a rooftop farm such as the new one at Roberta’s had been involved.) Anyway, as Danson declared that “Brooklyn is the new Manhattan and Manhattan is the new Queens and Queens is the new Brooklyn,” we found ourselves wondering which restaurant the scene was shot in. We’re 99 percent sure it was the lovely Greenpoint Coffeehouse, though the stenciling in the window was changed to “Greenpoint Pastures Est. 2009.” What we didn’t bother wondering was who cooked the whole roasted pig that was served. (Whole roasted pig? Okay, so maybe the satire was au courant!) Luckily, a publicist is here to tell us that Chef Ulrich A. Sterling of Agua Dulce was responsible. Meaning they couldn’t find a Brooklyn chef to roast the pig? Minus 2.