Bobby Flay Asks, ‘What’s Better Than a Doughnut?’


Bobby Flay thinks doughnuts are underrated lately. “Everyone is suddenly on a health kick, but doughnuts are a very important part of cuisine, in my book,” he said at the after-party for the new Tracy Letts play, Superior Donuts. Even the play, about a doughnut shop in Chicago, “gives doughnuts a bad rap,” he said. “Think about it — they’re fried, they’re sweet, they have a fantastic flavor, a great contrast in texture. What’s better than a doughnut? And it goes great with a cup of coffee!” Could health fiends add a few doughnuts to their diets? “Yeah, just serve it with yogurt,” Flay suggested. So where do he and his wife, actress Stephanie March, go for a doughnut? “There was this Krispy Kreme that was really 200 yards away from our apartment. I’m sad it’s closed now,” March said. Flay went with a foodier favorite, Doughnut Plant, who catered the party: “They're really good,” he said. “And they’re fried,” March added. “Let's not forget they’re fried.”