Bawarchi Indian Kitchen Moves In On Mayura’s Empire

Bhel puri
Bhel puri Photo: JasonLam via Flickr Creative Commons

We were wondering who the upstart Indian restaurant was crowding South Indian favorite Mayura in Culver City. We asked Mayura’s owner last week if they were involved or irked, to which she shook her head and smiled, politely refusing our offers to defend their turf. Squid Ink let us know that it’s the future home of Bawarchi, a vegetarian restaurant that calls itself the “Indian Subway” for their environmentally conscious fast food that will debut this Sunday.

Though its a Northern Indian menu, it sounds like Bawarchi will serve the sort of street-friendly food that families enjoy during evenings on Mumbai’s carnival-esque Chowpatty Beach, fried snack food like bhel puri and samosas. No word on whether Mumbai’s working man favorite vada pav will be on hand to make this a real Indian street spot, but Chef and owner Sabherwal is coming from delightful Samosa House close by, showing some solid credentials for subcontinental snack food. There will also be a full vegetarian selection of kebabs and tandoori, and sweets like barfi that reflect a mostly Mughali menu, the Mughal kitchen-influenced food you often find in Indian restaurants stateside. Though initially bothered by a competitor so close to Mayura, the concept appears different, convenient, and the food is already sounding pretty good. At $8 a combo plate, it’s sounding a little cheaper than its well-known, delicious neighbor, too.

Bawarchi Indian Opens Sunday in Culver City [Squid Ink]