Batter Bakery Open After Flood; Stable Cafe Still Closed

Photo: Courtesy Stable Cafe

After Monday’s surprise downpour flooded businesses at 2128 Folsom St., Batter Bakery (whose production facility is located there) is back open, but Stable Cafe is still closed.”We got the OK from the city to continue with production after cleaning all day. The cafe still has a couple things to do [before it can reopen],” Batter baker Jessica Galli told Grub Street. “We did lose some inventory, but as much as some of the other businesses that were sharing the same space. We were there when the flooding happened and were able to get our stuff off site.” Carte 415 and Saison also share the space, but nobody answered when we called them.

Update: Carte 415 manager Matt Boucher says they’re back in operation today.